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Found 12 results

Access to healthcare – UK Government assessment

Record NHS waiting lists and worsening waiting times before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have limited access to healthcare. There is...

Progress assessment No progress

Access to healthcare – Welsh Government assessment

There is evidence that certain groups experience persistent inequalities in accessing healthcare in Wales, but a lack of data separated...

Progress assessment No progress

Youth justice – UK Government assessment

The number of children in custody has continued to decrease in recent years, though the reduction in numbers has slowed...

Progress assessment No progress

Political and civic participation, including political representation – UK Government assessment

Women, ethnic minorities and disabled people remain under-represented in politics and diversity data is inadequate, although the number of women...

Progress assessment No progress

Educational attainment – UK Government assessment

Measuring changes in attainment is difficult due to GCSE and A level reforms over recent years. However, GCSE trends since...

Progress assessment No progress

International cooperation, including with human rights mechanisms – UK Government assessment

Seeking re-election to the Human Rights Council and providing funding for the Commonwealth Forum of National Human Rights Institutions indicates...

Progress assessment No progress

School exclusions and managing ‘challenging behaviour’ – Welsh Government assessment

While Welsh Government has updated its guidance on the procedures for exclusions, there have been no significant legal or policy...

Progress assessment No progress

Educational attainment – Welsh Government assessment

While there have been improvements in some areas of educational attainment in Wales, and attainment gaps at early years appear...

Progress assessment No progress

Social security (welfare benefits) – UK Government assessment

Several permanent welfare reforms introduced by the UK Government, including the two-child limit, have adversely affected the enjoyment of human...

Progress assessment No progress

Counter-terrorism – UK Government assessment

The UK Government has introduced legislation aimed at tackling terrorism, following a number of terrorist incidents. While the UK Government...

Progress assessment No progress