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Criminal justice institutions – UK Government assessment

Limited time out of cells, overcrowding, poor conditions, use of force, solitary confinement and self-harm in prisons are commonplace and,...

Progress assessment Regression

Immigration – UK Government assessment

The implementation of ‘hostile environment’ immigration policies marked a reduction in human rights protections and court cases have found failures...

Progress assessment Regression

Inclusive education – Welsh Government assessment

The proportion of disabled pupils attending special schools has been steadily increasing for several years. In response, the Welsh Government...

Progress assessment Regression

Adequate standard of living and poverty – UK Government assessment

Although rates of relative poverty have remained static for working-age adults, the number of children living in relative poverty and...

Progress assessment Regression

Adequate standard of living and poverty – Welsh Government assessment

Wales has the highest levels of poverty in the UK, with no significant improvements in people’s outcomes over recent years....

Progress assessment Regression

Social care – UK Government assessment

Amid rising demand and funding constraints, more people were being declined care in the years prior to the coronavirus (COVID-19)...

Progress assessment Regression

Independent living – UK Government assessment

There are persistent barriers affecting disabled people’s right to live independently as part of the community. The UK Government has...

Progress assessment Regression

Human rights abuses abroad – UK Government assessment

The UK Government has continued to seek to limit its accountability for responding to allegations of human rights abuses and...

Progress assessment Regression

Equality and human rights legal framework – UK Government assessment

The exclusion of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights from domestic law represents a significant reduction in human rights protections....

Progress assessment Regression

Policing – UK Government assessment

Policing in England and Wales has contributed to a regression in human rights protection for certain groups. Though there is...

Progress assessment Regression