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Found 14 results

Reproductive and sexual health – Government action

UK Government actions In December 2020, NHS England published revised guidance on visitor restrictions in maternity units during the coronavirus...

Government action

Reproductive and sexual health – UK Government assessment

Funding cuts to the public health grant have affected sexual and reproductive health budgets, access to services across England varies,...

Progress assessment Limited progress

Reproductive and sexual health – Welsh Government assessment

The Welsh Government has legislated to make it mandatory for all school children aged 5–16 to learn about sexual and...

Progress assessment Limited progress

CRC concluding observations 2016, paragraphs 65

Government should: (a) Put in place a comprehensive sexual and reproductive health policy for adolescents, focusing on improving equality and...

UN recommendation

CRPD concluding observations 2017, paragraph 55

Government should work with disabled people's organisations to: (a) Develop a fully-funded action plan to improve disabled people’s access to...

UN recommendation

CRPD concluding observations 2017, paragraph 13

Government should: Amend its abortion law. Guarantee women's right to reproductive and sexual autonomy without legalising selective abortion due to...

UN recommendation

ICESCR concluding observations 2016, paragraph 62

Government should: Amend abortion laws in Northern Ireland in line with women's rights to health, life and dignity. Consider UN...

UN recommendation

ICCPR concluding observations 2015, paragraph 17

Government should: Urgently amend abortion laws in Northern Ireland. Extend exceptions to the abortion ban to include cases of rape,...

UN recommendation

CEDAW concluding observations 2019, paragraph 48

Government should: Implement the Committee's previous recommendations on abortion law in Northern Ireland, in line with provisions in the Good...

UN recommendation

CAT concluding observations 2019, paragraph 47

Government should: Ensure that all women and girls in the UK, including Northern Ireland, can access abortions in situations where...

UN recommendation