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Hate crime and hate speech – Government action

UK Government actions In December 2020, the UK Government published its Full Government Response to the Online Harms White Paper....

Government action

Policing – UK Government assessment

Policing in England and Wales has contributed to a regression in human rights protection for certain groups. Though there is...

Progress assessment Regression

CRPD concluding observations 2017, paragraph 65

Government should: Increase the availability of high-quality data disaggregated by: income, sex, age, gender, race, ethnic origin, migrant, asylum-seeking and...

UN recommendation

CRPD concluding observations 2017, paragraph 15

Government should: Legally protect people from multiple and intersectional discrimination, including on the grounds of migrant, refugee or other status....

UN recommendation

UPR recommendations 2017, paragraph 134.124

Government should: End discrimination against same-sex couples in Northern Ireland by aligning the law with the rest of the UK....

UN recommendation

UPR recommendations 2017, paragraph 134.84

Government should: Do more to put an end to negative stereotypes in the media, especially against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender...

UN recommendation

CRC concluding observations 2016, paragraphs 65

Government should: (a) Put in place a comprehensive sexual and reproductive health policy for adolescents, focusing on improving equality and...

UN recommendation

Data collection and recording – UK Government assessment

The UK Government has introduced various measures to improve the collection of equality data, with specific action to improve ethnicity...

Progress assessment Moderate progress

Harassment and bullying in schools – Welsh Government assessment

The Welsh Government has legislated to make relationships and sexuality education a statutory component of the new curriculum – ensuring...

Progress assessment Limited progress

Human rights education, trainings and awareness raising – UK Government assessment

While the introduction of compulsory relationships and sex education (RSE) may create further opportunities for schools to teach children about...

Progress assessment No progress