Criminal justice institutions – UK Government assessment

Progress assessment


There has been a sustained or severe regression in the enjoyment of human rights, or a significant reduction in human rights standards or protections in law or policy

Limited time out of cells, overcrowding, poor conditions, use of force, solitary confinement and self-harm in prisons are commonplace and, in some cases, increasingly frequent. Restrictions imposed during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continue to have a significant negative impact on human rights standards. Imprisonment rates are high, ethnic minority people are over-represented, and mental health services continue to be inadequate. Proposals in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill will significantly increase time spent in custody and are likely to lead to a larger prison population. There have been some positive policy developments, such as reforms to probation and the Female Offender Strategy, although implementation of the strategy remains slow.

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The assessment was made based on the evidence available up to 30/09/2021