About the human rights tracker

The human rights tracker is a searchable online tool to track how well the UK is putting its human rights duties into practice. The tracker contains all of the most recent recommendations made to the UK by the UN treaty bodies and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). The recommendations are written in simpler language to make them more accessible, but the original wording is provided alongside this. It allows you to search by UK and Wales so you can see which government is responsible for implementing the recommendations. The recommendations are also linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The tracker has dedicated pages on each of the UN human rights treaties the UK has agreed to follow, and on the UPR process. On these pages you’ll find useful resources, including which stage we are at in each of the reporting cycles.

How to use the human rights tracker

We want the human rights tracker to raise awareness of the UK’s human rights duties, to help you monitor how well they are being put into practice, and to support you in holding government to account. You can use the tracker to:
  • find out what the UN has said about a particular human rights issue (such as education or work) or population group (such as disabled people or children) in the UK
  • access information on the international human rights framework to use in your research, legal, policy and advocacy work
  • find out how you can engage with international human rights mechanisms
  • understand how the UK’s international human rights obligations link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Find out about the training we are offering on the UK’s human rights obligations and how to use the human rights tracker in your work.

Tools for Scotland and Northern Ireland

The Scottish Human Rights Commission is developing a similar tool to show how the Scottish government is taking forward the UN’s recommendations. The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) produces an annual statement on human rights in Northern Ireland. Go to the NIHRC website to find out more about this work.
Last updated on 29/06/2022