Independent living – UK Government assessment

Progress assessment


There has been a sustained or severe regression in the enjoyment of human rights, or a significant reduction in human rights standards or protections in law or policy

Enjoyment of the right to independent living faces serious challenges. Adult social care is under-funded, with increasing numbers of disabled and older adults unable to get the support they need at home or within the community. It is likely that levels of unmet need will increase further in response to the coronavirus pandemic. There is a real shortage of accessible homes and, despite numerous commitments, rates of detention for people with mental health conditions, learning disabilities and autism remain high. Recent social security reforms have had a disproportionate cumulative impact on the rights of disabled people. Some positive measures have improved disabled people’s access to services, transport and employment in recent years, but the pandemic has created additional barriers to disabled people’s full inclusion in society.

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The assessment was made based on the evidence available up to 15/09/2020