CEDAW concluding observations 2019, paragraph 48

UN recommendation

Plain English recommendation

Government should: Implement the Committee’s previous recommendations on abortion law in Northern Ireland, in line with provisions in the Good Friday Agreement 1998, which state that the UK Parliament will pass laws to ensure that obligations under international law are met in Northern Ireland.

Original UN recommendation

With reference to paragraph 8 of the present concluding observations, and noting article 33 of the Belfast Agreement or the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 which provides that the Westminster Parliament shall legislate as necessary to ensure that the United Kingdom’s international obligations are met in respect of Northern Ireland, the Committee urges the State party to implement, without further delay, the recommendations contained in the Committee’s report following its inquiry under article 8 of the Optional Protocol to the Convention.

Date of UN examination


UN article number

12 (health care), 16 (economic consequences of marriage, family relations and their dissolution)

Last updated on 11/09/2019