CERD concluding observations 2016, paragraph 48

UN recommendation

Plain English recommendation

Government should: Within one year of adopting the present recommendations, provide an update to the CERD Committee on progress in relation to racist hate speech and hate crimes, counter-terrorism and health.

Original UN recommendation

In accordance with article 9 (1) of the Convention and rule 65 of its rules of procedure, the Committee requests the State party to provide, within one year of the adoption of the present concluding observations, information on its implementation of the recommendations contained in paragraphs 16 (a) and 16 (e) (racist hate speech and hate crimes), 19 (counter-terrorism measures) and 31 (health) above.

Date of UN examination


UN article number

2 (general obligations), 4 (eradicating racial superiority, racial hatred, and incitement to violence and discrimination), 5 (prohibition of racial discrimination; equal enjoyment of rights), 6 (communications)

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