CRC concluding observations 2023, paragraph 61

UN recommendation

Plain English recommendation

Government should: Submit an eighth periodic report by the date to be set by the Committee; the report should be no more than 21,200 words and should follow the Committee’s reporting guidelines.

Original UN recommendation

The Committee will establish and communicate the due date of the eighth periodic report of the State party in line with a future predictable reporting calendar based on an eight-year review cycle and following the adoption of a list of issues and questions prior to reporting, if applicable, for the State party. The report should be in compliance with the Committee’s harmonized treaty-specific reporting guidelines20 and should not exceed 21,200 words.21 In the event that a report exceeding the established word limit is submitted, the State party will be asked to shorten the report in accordance with the above-mentioned resolution. If the State party is not in a position to review and resubmit the report, translation thereof for the purposes of consideration by the treaty body cannot be guaranteed.

Date of UN examination


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