CEDAW concluding observations 2019, paragraph 46

UN recommendation

Plain English recommendation

Government should: (a) Ensure that affordable and accessible childcare is available throughout the UK, particularly in Northern Ireland. (b) Consider removing the requirement for employees to work 26 weeks before being entitled to flexible working arrangements. (c) Encourage men to take parental leave, such as by offering dedicated leave for fathers, and encouraging men to share equally the responsibility of looking after their children.

Original UN recommendation

The Committee recommends that the State party: (a) Ensure the availability of affordable and accessible childcare facilities and/or arrangements throughout the State party, in particular Northern Ireland. (b) Consider removing the 26-week waiting period for employees to apply for flexible working arrangements. (c) Provide further incentives for men to take parental leave, such as non-transferrable leave, and encourage men to participate equally in childcare responsibilities.

Date of UN examination


UN article number

5 (stereotyping and cultural practices), 11 (work and employment)

Last updated on 11/09/2019