Access to employment – Welsh Government assessment

Progress assessment

Moderate progress

There have been legal or policy changes to improve human rights protections and evidence of some sustained progress in the enjoyment of human rights related to this issue. However on some of these rights, or for some groups, there has not been comparative progress

Employment is mainly a reserved issue, which limits the action that the Welsh Government can take. The employment rate in Wales has increased in recent years. Although the employment rate fell in 2020 because of the conronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it has since returned to pre-pandemic levels. Progress has been made on delivering apprenticeships and certain commitments under the Prosperity for All strategy. However, unequal access to employment and apprenticeships persists across  protected characteristic groups, and Welsh Government policies do not specify how such inequalities will be addressed.

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The assessment was made based on the evidence available up to 30/09/2021