ICCPR concluding observations 2015, paragraph 11

UN recommendation

Plain English recommendation

Government should: (a) Remove non-statutory stop and search powers in Scotland and improve the process of selecting targets. Train law enforcement officers, collect data on stop and search, and improve transparency. (b) Urgently implement the Policing Board’s recommendation to the Police Service of Northern Ireland on collecting community background data of people stopped and searched. (c) Ensure UK stop and search powers are independently scrutinised, that they are not used in a discriminatory way, and that they are in line with the ICCPR.

Original UN recommendation

The State party should: (a) Repeal non-statutory stop and search powers in Scotland and pursue its efforts aimed at improving the process of selecting targets under statutory mandates, so as to ensure conformity with the Covenant, engage in training of law enforcement officers, undertake comprehensive data-gathering about the application of stop and search powers and improve the transparency of the process. (b) Implement, as a matter of priority, the recommendation by the Policing Board to the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) concerning the inclusion on the PSNI’s recording form of the community background of persons stopped and searched under the Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Act 2007. (c) Ensure the operation of robust independent scrutiny and oversight of any stop and search powers in the United Kingdom with a view to ensuring that such powers are not exercised in an arbitrary or discriminatory manner and are fully compliant with the State party’s obligations under articles 2, 9, 12, 17 and 26 of the Covenant.

Date of UN examination


UN article number

2 (implementation at the national level), 9 (liberty and security), 12 (freedom of movement), 17(freedom from arbitrary or unlawful interference), 26 (equality and non-discrimination)

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