Data collection and recording – UK Government assessment

Progress assessment

Moderate progress

There have been legal or policy changes to improve human rights protections and evidence of some sustained progress in the enjoyment of human rights related to this issue. However on some of these rights, or for some groups, there has not been comparative progress

The UK Government has introduced various measures to improve the collection of equality data, with specific action to improve ethnicity and disability data. There remains a lack of robust data disaggregated by pregnancy and maternity, gender reassignment and sexual orientation, although the inclusion of questions on sexual orientation and gender identity in the 2021 Census will improve the evidence base. There has been progress in addressing many data gaps identified by UN treaty bodies, although further work is needed to improve data quality and address gaps in some areas, such as the collection of data on restraint in schools.

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The assessment was made based on the evidence available up to 12/07/2021