Casgliadau i gloi CRC 2016, paragraff 16

Argymhelliad CU

Argymhelliad Cymreig clir

Dylai’r llywodraeth:

(a) Cryfhau annibyniaeth Comisiynwyr Plant yn unol ag Egwyddorion Paris a chyngor y Cenhedloedd Unedig ar weithredu’r CRC. Eu galluogi i dderbyn ac ymchwilio i gwynion gan blant.

(b) Ariannu Comisiynwyr Plant er mwyn iddynt allu gweithredu’n effeithiol.

Argymhelliad gwreiddiol y CU

With reference to the Committee’s general comment No. 5 (2003) on general measures of implementation, the Committee recommends that the State party:

(a) Further strengthen the independence of established Children’s Commissioners, in line with the principles relating to the status of national institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights (the Paris Principles), and enable them, inter alia, to receive and investigate complaints from or on behalf of children concerning violations of their rights.

(b) Allocate to the Commissioners in all jurisdictions the necessary human and financial resources in order to carry out their mandate in an effective and coordinated manner.

Dyddiad archwiliad y CU


Rhif erthygl y CU

4 (protection of rights)

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