Casgliadau i gloi ICESCR 2016, paragraff 72

Argymhelliad CU

Argymhelliad Cymreig clir

Dylai’r Llywodraeth:

Rhannu’r argymhellion hyn yn eang. Ymgynghori gyda sefydliadau cymdeithas sifil yn y cyfnod dilynol a chyn cyflwyno adroddiad cyfnodol nesaf y Deyrnas Unedig. Gweithio gyda’r holl weinyddiaethau datganoledig a thiriogaethau tramor i weithredu’r argymhellion, ac wrth baratoi’r adroddiad nesaf.

Argymhelliad gwreiddiol y CU

The Committee requests the State party to disseminate the present concluding observations widely among all levels of society, at national, provincial and territorial levels, particularly among parliamentarians, public officials and judicial authorities, and to inform the Committee, in its next periodic report, about the steps taken to implement the recommendations contained herein. The Committee also encourages the State party to engage non-governmental organizations and other members of civil society in the follow-up to the present concluding observations and in the process of consultation at the national level prior to the submission of its next periodic report. Furthermore, the Committee requests the State party to ensure effective coordination with all devolved administrations, particularly Northern Ireland, and with its Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies at all stages of the implementation of the recommendations contained in the present concluding observations and in the preparation of its next periodic report.

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16 (reports by States Parties), 17 (timing and content of reports)

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