Casgliadau i gloi CAT 2019, paragraff 51

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Ystyried newid y gyfraith i sicrhau y gall holl ddioddefwyr artaith gael mynediad at unioniad a chael iawn, ble bynnag fod artaith wedi digwydd a beth bynnag yw cenedligrwydd y cyflawnwr neu ddioddefwr. Mae hyn yn arbennig o bwysig ble nad yw dioddefwr yn gallu cael unioniad yn y wlad ble digwyddodd yr artaith.

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The Committee calls upon the State party to consider reviewing its legislation in order to ensure that all victims of torture are able to access remedy and obtain redress, wherever the acts of torture have occurred regardless of the nationality of the perpetrator or victim, as recommended by the Committee in its previous concluding observations (CAT/C/GBR/CO/5, para. 22). As indicated in its general comment No. 3 (2012) on the implementation of article 14 (para. 22), the Committee has commended the efforts of States parties for providing civil remedies for victims who were subjected to torture or ill-treatment outside their territory. This is particularly important when a victim is unable to obtain redress in the territory where the violation took place.

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14 (redress, compensation and rehabilitation)

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